Posterior Pelvic Tilt


  • Muscle imbalances caused by sitting for long periods with bad posture, an accident or fall, arthritic changes in your joints, scoliosis, as well as unknown causes


  • Flattening of the lower back. Without a natural curve in your lower back (lordosis), you are at a higher risk of developing a range of painful injuries and muscle strains in your lumbar spine.

What STRETCHING can I do?

  • Short and tight hamstrings – when the hamstrings are too short and tight will pull the pelvis downwards posteriorly, causing the pelvis to tilt back.
  • Tight rectus abdominus – If your abs are short and tight, they will pull the front of the pelvis up.
  • Tight glutes – Tight glutes will also pull the back of the pelvis downwards.

What STRENGTHENING should I focus on?

  • Weak hip flexors – Strengthening the hip flexors can help counteract the upward pull of the abs.
  • Weak lower back – Strengthening the lower back will help pull the pelvis back into a comfortable neutral position.


Massage is perfect for lengthening chronically shortened muscles, increasing the range of motion in your hip joint, and is an excellent way to restore muscle-tone.

Together with home care exercises, you’ll see real and positive change in posture in less time than you think.

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