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Commit, Create and Endure

The next intensive 6-week training program runs from Sunday 9th July to Sunday 20th August 2023.

It’s a unique opportunity to commit, create and endure a multi-day hiking experience. You’ll gain confidence, be inspired and learn the practical skills with our community to become a safe and capable hiker. We intentionally keep our groups small, less than 6 people, to create an environment where aspiring hikers can learn safely and create lifelong friendships. Our approach is to enable the group to create, commit and endure a multi-day hike together. We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll give you the mindset and skills to do it. The group collaborates over 6 weeks to set a collective goal to endure their first multi-day hike together.

Your commitment

Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, for 6 weeks, and the final long weekend for a multi-day hike.

Hiking in small groups is a big commitment. You’ll need to commit individually and be accountable to the group: to show up, be reliable and push yourself harder than you thought possible. Together, we’ll train and explore the elements with other budding Sunshine Coast hikers. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with the right support, guidance and group dynamics.

Your investment is $875 for the full 6-week training program and payment plans are available on request.

Hiking, Nature and our Wellbeing

There are known connections between hikers’ well-being and the environment. Water (blue spaces) are associated with increases in mood and self-esteem. Forested landscapes (green spaces) are associated with psychological and physiological benefits. The biodiversity in both blue and green spaces can provide pathways to improve our wellbeing.

Our cortisol reduces when we spend time in landscapes that we find attractive. When we value and understand nature’s wellbeing benefits, it helps us appreciate humans’ impact on the environment, which is imperative for the continued and sustainable use of our precious ecosystems.

About Jen, your instructor

“It’s truly an honour to do this work – to spend my life in the spirit of adventure with people willingly adapting to new environments and challenges.”

As we seek to anchor our roots deep into the soil at the same time as reaching for the stars, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more people take up hiking. Working in the wellness industry constantly reminds me of the importance of growth but also of rest, the wellbeing of humans in nature and for the need to have gratitude.

Here’s to a program full of connection, challenges and wellbeing. Calm your mind and elevate your body. Let’s commit, create and endure a wonderful hiking experience together.

Much Love, Jen x

To register your interest or for more information please email Jen bodyheights@gmail.com

Detailed program information

Week one: Acknowledgement

Sunday July 9, 4:30am Social Bush Walk.

This morning we’ll start early at 4:30am and head out with our head torches for sunrise at 6:38am. We’ll enjoy a specular view and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

Our aim will be to walk 10km return, which is a good distance for new hikers. We’ll finish well before lunchtime and, you may have the chance to take a swim too.

Week Two: Commitment and Foundations

Tuesday July 11, 5pm Information session.

We’ll meet at Body Heights Nambour. Jen will lead this information session where we’ll learn what’s absolutely necessary for multi-day hikes and what’s not. In preparation for our overnight hike, now is the time to consider pairing up to share equipment, which makes our packs lighter. It’s also fine to be completely independent. This session will build the foundations for our skills, awareness and knowledge about gear, food and safety. We’ll also talk about how to reduce our impact on the land when we hike, which is imperative to safe and mindful hiking. This is a very content heavy session, and it should be finished by 7:30pm.

Thursday July 13, 5pm Training.

We’ll continue to build on the basics, this time focusing on the foundations of hiking at Body Heights Nambour. We’ll learn how stamina, strength, mobility and balance are the essential foundations of endurance hiking.

Sunday July 16, 8am Social Bush Walk.

We’ll take a relatively short but steep trail with a weighted pack. This session will give us a good idea of how hard we need to work and train as individuals to endure a pain free multi-day hike with only 4 weeks to go. We should be finished by 10am, but can always consider taking a longer route for those who are keen.

Week Three: Mindset, Strength and Mobility

Tuesday 18 July, 5pm Training.

We’ll train at The Farm Gym for a strength session with Luke. We’ll continue building on our goals, group dynamics and team building of course with strength and endurance, this session we will be adding more weight to our packs. We should finish by 6:30pm

Thursday July 20, 5pm Training.

We’ll continue to build on the foundations of hiking at Body Heights Nambour. This time, Yoga will help us build on stamina, strength, mobility and balance, once again highlighting the essential foundations of endurance hiking. By now you’ll want to stretch out those hip flexors. We’ll take this opportunity to learn how to deal with delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS).

Sunday July 23, 6:30am Mindset Training

This is a really special day. We start with sunrise at Alexandra Headland and then take the short walk to our “Balanced Morning” workshop with Trent and Stacey, which will equip us with skills and tools to support and improve our stress response, health and wellbeing. We’ll be in a safe, supportive environment to optimise this experience. We’ll also participate in a guided breath work and meditation experience, with accompanying sound therapy. This is followed with a refreshing ice bath plunge. Then we can enjoy a magnesium bath to aid recovery, an infrared sauna and finish with a guided group cacao ceremony. Caleb from Didgeridoo Music Therapy will join us for a very special grounding performance. We’ll be finished by 10am.

Week Four: Building on strength

Tuesday July 25, 5pm. Training.

Soft Sand Leg Burner Session. This time we will be put outside of our comfort zones. This is a tough one but worth all the effort when you hit the trail. Head torches will be required again as the sun sets early. After this session you’ll feel much more confident about hitting more difficult trails.

Thursday July 27, 5pm. Day of Rest. It’s important to take time for ourselves and find clarity.

Sunday July 30, 7am Social Bush Walk.

The group will go on a 13km hike, this route has much more difficult terrain than our previous efforts. You’ll need to bring a hydration pack and snacks. Our goal will be to finish by around 11am.

Week five: Group dynamics

Tuesday August 1, 5pm Training.

Time to get back into it! Luke will lead our final session at The Farm Gym, which is designed to be fun. We’ll dive into more strength and endurance, team building, dirt and obstacles. This time we’ll carry weighted packs because we’ll be a lot stronger than when we started. We’ll be finished by 6.30pm.

Thursday August 3, 5pm Information session

This is where your culinary skills get put to the test with cooking for hiking at Body Heights Nambour. Learn some neat tricks and tips for eating well on multi-day hikes. Nurturing your body on the inside is essential for strength, endurance and concentration.

Sunday August 6, 7am Social Bush Walk.

We’ll do a longer walk this morning. Our aim will be to hike 15km with weighted packs. There may be another opportunity for a swim. We will need hydration packs and snacks. We will be finished by lunch time.

Week six: Create and Endure

Tuesday August 8, 5pm Information Session.

Crunch time at Body Heights Nambour. We’ll choose the final route for our self-guided multi-day hike in this session. The group will apply all the skills learned to this point to plan the trip, manage risks, emergency exits and make contingency plans. We’ll look at the gear list, weather, food needs and everything else we need to create a safe, fun experience. We’ll be finished by 6.30pm

Thursday August 10. Day of rest. It’s important to take time for ourselves and find clarity.

Friday August 11, 12noon, to Sunday August 13, 12 noon. Three Day Hike.

This is what we’ve been working towards: the group’s first multi-day hike. Together, we’ll endure this hike as a group and emerge as competent, safe, experienced, mindful and better humans. There’ll be a small debrief during the hike.

Please email me if you are interested or have any questions bodyheights@gmail.com

In the spirit of reconciliation, Body Heights Hiking Program acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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